Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Makup Post

I decided to do a makeup post today. I know its the weekend and a lot of people will definetly be partying or doing some form of going out. As we all know by now, fall is here and although this means we will be seeing a lot of warm and dark colors, it does not mean we have to get rid of all the color. A particular look that has been spotted on celebrities of late is "old Hollywood". This look usually features a lot of brown(for eyeshadow), some color for the cheeks and of course bold red lips. Some people usually go one step further by using a bronzer to give them that sparkling look. Here is a look i would like you all to try tonight. I actually tried this look yesterday night and it came out looking flawless. 
Note:You do not have to have all or any of the brand of makeup that is listed on the picture above. If you have a similar color in another brand, by all means use it. Click on the picture to make it bigger

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