Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rihanna:The look

Ok so i promised you guys i would try my best to remember what website had the dress Riri is rocking. Well i found it. At this point, i am uncertain the exact designer of the dress she is wearing but all i do know is i have found a dress that looks exactly like it. (thumbs up to me..I dint get any all night and now its 7:36am)...well this is the dress 
you can get it here.
At this point, i am not exactly sure if they ship to the U.S. More on that later...

I also found a top that looks just like this dress.It has a little variations(it has a V neck)...You can rock it as a dress.All you have to do is buy a size bigger than you would normally wear and believe me this should do the trick....

Get it here

Rihanna: Similar look for less

A lot of people that know me know that i love princess Riri, and if i had my way, my blog will probably be all about her(scary..i know!!!!!). Well Rihanna was spotted in Berlin a few days ago and she had on this awesome looking grey dress. I am very certain i have seen this dress before i saw a pic of it on Rihanna. However, i cannot remember what site i saw the dress on and so i am forced to leave you all with a look for less..(at least for now). Nonetheless, I assure you that the site where i found the dress will come to me soon and i will be sure to update this post. 
I found this look for less on a website i frequently visit. The company is located somewhere in England. you can cop this dress for £13.99. (They offer intl shipping)..
get it here

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get the dress

Get this same dress worn by AnnaLynne McCord at topshop. It is the Embellished one shoulder dress and it retails for $80. Get it here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The look for less: Alexander Mcqueen gold grommet booties

If you want a cheaper alternative to these Alexander Mcqueen gold grommet booties which currently retails for $1000 on Zappos, well you are in luck. As with most alternatives, there is usually a slight variation. These more affordable version has silver loops as opposed to the gold loops on the Alexander Mcqueen one's. All that said, they are a good alternative. Get them here for only $44. 

I came across this Alexander Mcqueen look alike on Zappos. They cost $95 and have the same gold loops just like the Alexander Mcqueen's. Grab them here.

The look for less

I came across these ankle boots  on Karmaloop and i immediately fell in love with it. It retails for $140 and quiet frankly, that's an awesome price for such a trendy boot. Then, i came across these ankle boots that reminded me about the one's i had seen on Karmaloop. These boots look exactly alike except for one or two variations which are not at all obvious. Get it here.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The look for less: Balmain Vs Guess by Marciano

I have been stalking the Giuseppe Zanotti for Balmain Multi Buckle Boots which retail for $1,605 for a while now and i am so gald i came across these Guess by Marciano Daylee Bootie which retail for $288. They look alike except for a few differences. Copp them here .

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Look for less: Alexander Mcqueen peep toe ankle boots

Since fall is here, i have decided to post about boots. i stumbled upon these SteveMadden  boots that reminded me of the Alexander-mcqueen peep toe ankle boots. They look exactly the same. The only difference is that the Alexander-mcqueen zipper is skull head while the SteveMadden's has a regular zipper. It is called the Seryna and is available for preoder for just $149.95. In my opinion, this is a steal and a fab one too.Get it here.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

American Apparel Bodysuit

I honestly wasn't going to share this, but i decided against it. I have been searching for this bodysuit for about 2months now and i fianlly found it. I love love love it. This bodysuit has been spotted on Megan Fox on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. They are hot hot hot. Pair it with a nice girly skirt(preferrably a bubble skirt). Get it here for $40. 

Balmain inspired boots

I love that i am finding a lot of Balmain inspired pieces. I just came across these ankle boots from Akira. They reminded me of the ankle boots made by Balmian and cost way less. Get it here for $86. 

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Look for less: Christian Louboutin Dillan Flower Pumps

While browsing through the internet, i came across these pumps that immediately reminded me of the christian louboutin dillan flower pumps. They are made by dollhouse and retail for $48.Unfortunatley, it does not come red like the Christian Louboutin's, but it comes in black, blue and purple. Get it here

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get the Look: Love/Hate Convertible Chain Shades

The moment i saw a picture of this shades on Rihanna, i had to look for where to buy and well i did. It took me a while, but i finally found it. It comes in gold and black. You can get it here

Look for less: Chanel Union Jack Quilted Bag

Chanel!! Don't we all love this designer?I came across the Chanel Union Quilted Bag on a website today and my first thought was "I have seen a bag that look so much like this one". After thinking about it for a while, i finally remembered the purse that look so much like the Chanel one. The look alike purse is being sold on the Patricia Field website. You can get it here.
The Chanel one is a limited edition and i cannot seem to find it on their website. However i saw somewhere online that it retails for 835 pounds. The bag below is the Chanel purse and the one above is the one on the Patricia Field website which retails for $138.

The Military jacket

Fall is here, and while it might start to get cold, we need not worry because we can be stylish while trying to keep warm. Here are some military jackets i love.

you can get this here--------------------------------------------------->

get the grey jacket here
get the black & gold jacket here

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Look for less: Balmain Vs Victorias Secret

I love lace so much. I was glad to see that Balmian had created a lace top with some shoulder pads on it. This top has been spotted on Rihanna and Adrienne Bailon. Victoria's Secret currently has a lace top that looks somewhat like it. 

get it here

It's all about the shoulders this fall

   It's fall season yet again and i really do have to say that i love fall fashion. There are so many ways to be stylish during fall without breaking the bank. I'm sure a lot of you have fallen in love with the famous designer Balmain and if you haven't, its only a matter of time before you do.His designs are to die for and have been spotted on Beyonce, Rihanna, Adrienne Bailon and so many other celebrities. However, his line is a little too pricey and if you are on a budget, do not despair. There are a lot of Balmain inspired outfits out there. Zara has a lot of dresses and balzers that have the power shoulders just like the popularly coveted Balmain. Here are some of Zara's Balmain inspired pieces.However, Zara does not have an online store so you have to go in store to get them.(sucks!!!i know)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Look for less: Topshop Vs Misguided

I have been in love with this dress for a about a month now. I wanted this dress for a specific event but could not get it in time since topshop ships from their U.K location.the dress currently sells for $80.
 While looking online,i noticed another of my favorite U.K site had the exact same dress for £14.99 which is about $25. Get it here
This dress has been spotted on Kim Kardashian(pic below). 


I saw this picture of Rihanna in a blazer wearing nothing but pasties underneath. At first, i thought this was a little absurd but after staring at the picture for what felt like eternity, it dint seem so absurd anymore. If you love pasties and want to get some, you can get it here .

Couture candy

Celebs everywhere have been spotted with this hot new accessory.It's sort of a stylish candy holder that looks absolutely can get it here and it ranges from $22-25. Rihanna, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and The Pussycat Dolls have already been spotted with it. 

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shoe Jewelry

I stumbled across this and I am absolutely in love. I know a lot of us have those plain looking pumps that are about 4" or 5" high and could use a little more acesssory to make them pop. Well look no further. I am currently in lust with the Jay Walk(picture shown below). Head over to those boring looking shoes look like a million dollars. 

Christian Siriano Victoria's Secret and Payless

         I haven't always been a huge fan of Christian Siriano but all of that changed after i saw his "Christian Siriano Collection" for Victoria's Secret. I went out and bought the bronzer and i must say it is fabulous. It gives my face a shimmery look without making it too dramatic. It is a must buy. However, i have not been able to try the eyeshadow or the Kajal eyeliner. Be sure to check it out on their website 
         Christian Siriano also just launched his line for payless. The shoes range from boots to flats and pumps. He also has a clutch. I am not sure if his collection is available in stores but i do know you can buy them online at Some of the shoes are limited editions so hurry. 


Hello everyone....i am starting this blog because i love fashion so much. I literally spend all of my money shopping. I will be showing/writing about anything that has to do with fashion or beauty. I am in no way affiliated with any of the designers or stores I will be displaying on my blog. If for any reason i have a picture that belongs to you and you do not want me showing it on here, please send me an email and i will have it removed ASAP. thanks....
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