Monday, February 22, 2010

Givenchy Vs Jeffrey Campbell

Givenchy has a hot pink sandal that i love so much. i decided to look for a look for less and of course Jeffrey Campbell would be the one to have an inspired by look. The givenchy hot pink sandals are more high heeled than the Jeffrey Campbell one's which are actually wedges. Rihanna has been spotted rocking the givenchy heels.


Hey guys. Happy new year. i know i havent blogged in so long and i really do have an excuse. I honestly could not remember the email address and password i used to sign up for this blog and believe me i have a lot of email address and it took me a long time to get it but at least i have found it. Please forgive me. I have found so many wonderful look for less but i am sure most of them are already sold out by now. There are however some wonderful look for less that i am sure are still available and i will upload them as soon as i can. I am also going to add more makeup looks on my blog just because i have recently become obsessed with watching youtube videos on how to recreate different looks and I am learning a load of stuff.
P.S i hope the cute kitty melts ur hearts and forgives me for not blogging for so long.