Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The look for less:Megan Fox in Antonio Berardi

I found this look for less dress and even though i'm not loving it, i still decided to post. Enjoy
The look for less is by ASOS and it retails for $144.48. Get it here

Friday, November 13, 2009

Balmain Inspired Jacket

I was browsing through a blog sometime in october and someone had blogged about this designer that makes inspired by pieces. I went to her store(she has the store on etsy.com ) and i saw that she was selling a Balmain inspired jacket. The cool fact abot her jacket is that it is handmade and she meticulously puts every bit together. Well i ordered from her(the jacket cost $100;shipping included). The only problem is that the jacket took a whole month to get to me and i was really mad at the seller but once i got it, i was impressed. She made a good replica of the balmian jacket and the shoulder pads on them were awesome.She made them pointy exactly like the pads on the Balmain Jacket. i totally love. I have not rocked them yet and i do not know when i will rock them, but one thing is for sure; when i rock them, i'll def look fly as hell. Here is a picture of the Real Balmian Jacket(1st picture) and also a picture of the jacket i bought(2nd picture-picture gotten from the seller's store as i have not yet worn mine).
P.S the jacket i bought (the 2nd picture) is an inspired by piece and is not supposed to look 100% like the original version.

REMINDER:Jimmy Choo for H&M in stores tomorrow(sat Nov 14th 2009)

This is just a quick reminder for all those who live in states that have an H&M retail store. The Jimmy Choo collection will be released in stores tomorrow so please go to an H&M store and shop your heart out(although i think the quantity you can purchase is limited per person). I live in a state that has no H&M store and so i am left here sulking and wishing i had bought a ticket to go out of state this weekend. There will be shoes, clothes and purses made by Jimmy Choo for sale and of course for a lot less than it would normally cost. Please go out and buy. I know a lot of people who plan on lining up in front of the store by 5am. They will give the first 160 people on that line a beeper that gives them a time to come and shop. here are some Jimmy Choo things you will be able to buy at your nearest H&M store tomrrow.There will be so much more so please goooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Look for less: L.A.M.B VS Bebe

These funny shaped heels was created by L.A.M.B nad it is calles the Z-project satin platform pumps. It retails for $303 on Zappos. You can get it here. However, if you want pumps that have the same look but for a smaller price tag, you can check out bebe's version It is called the Riley satin platform pumps and they retail for $119. They are alos available in silver pearl and fuchsia. . Get it here

The look for less:Herve Ledger VS Lipsy

When Herve Ledger burst onto the fashion world, i couldnt get enough of his designs. Every celebrity from the Fabulous Victoria Beckham to Beyonce hit the red carpet rocking his designs. Over the summer,dresses and skirts inspired by Herve Ledgers bandage designs was spotted in most retail stores but there was one piece i could not find anywhere. The dress i am talking about was worn by Megan Fox when she made an apperance on the late show with david letterman. I almost nearly died searching every website for a look for less.I finally gave up looking for this dress. Well they say the best things come to you when you are not looking rite?I found a look for less that replicates this Herve Ledger dress so well. It was spotted on Lipsy London's website and as I write, I am placing an order(hehhehe). It retails for £45. Get it here.

The look for less:Christian Louboutin Nitoinimoi Bandage Ankle Boots

The Christian Louboutin bandage strap ankle boots retail for $1195 at saks and are completely sold out. There is however a look for less. Anne Michelle at Lulu's has a pair similar to the Louboutins for $44 and go jane has a similar pair for $31.50 and they have it in brown as well . Get the Lulu version here or the Go Jane version here. I also just came across a similar pair that even has the red sole. I personally prefer this one. They were spotted on fly jane's website. Get it here.

The look for less:Christian Louboutin Circus Cutot Bootie

Ahhhh.Don't we all love Christian Louboutin's? I'm sure by now, we are tired of seeing those celebrities flaunt their various collection of Loubotins everywhere they go. Well don't get jealous just yet. A lot of stores are now copying Christian Louboutin's precious designs and some have even gone as far as copying his red sole which is the most unique feature of his shoes. I have spotted a lot of Christian Louboutin look for less and i will be blogging about them soon enough.
Todays look for less is for the Christian Loubotin Circus Cutout Bootie. It retails for $1295 at Bergdof Goodman. The look for less was spotted at one of my favorite online stores; can we get a drumroll for Akira. The only difference between the Akira version and the Louboutin version is that Akira's is patent as oppsoed to Louboutins suede. They retail for $109.Get it here.

Product Review

Hey guys. Some of you might have noticed I stopped blogging and that's cos i dint think a lot of people read my blog. I ran into a friend today and she actally told me she does and some of her friends do and so well i decided to keep blogging.
Today, I am going to do a quick product review on MAC's volcanic ash exfoliator. This product is absolutely fabulous. MAC actually came out with it last year as part of their limited edition collection. A lot of people loved this product and it was completely sold out everywhere. Then earlier this year, MAC came out with the volcanic ash again and this time, it was released as a regualr product and not a limited edition. I really do not know where to start from with this product. I have acne prone skin and since i got rid of my St Ives exfoliator for MAC's volcanic ash, my skin has never looked better. It makes your skin tighter, gets rid of blackheads and whiteheads and leaves your skin feeling sqeaky clean. Did i add that the ash used in this product is actually real ash gotten from a volcano?Yup it is.It costs about $20 and believe me you will not regret it. Definetely worth giving a shot.They also have a volcanic ash thermal mask, but I am yet to try it out.