Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rihanna:The look

Ok so i promised you guys i would try my best to remember what website had the dress Riri is rocking. Well i found it. At this point, i am uncertain the exact designer of the dress she is wearing but all i do know is i have found a dress that looks exactly like it. (thumbs up to me..I dint get any all night and now its 7:36am)...well this is the dress 
you can get it here.
At this point, i am not exactly sure if they ship to the U.S. More on that later...

I also found a top that looks just like this dress.It has a little variations(it has a V neck)...You can rock it as a dress.All you have to do is buy a size bigger than you would normally wear and believe me this should do the trick....

Get it here

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