Friday, November 13, 2009

The look for less:Christian Louboutin Circus Cutot Bootie

Ahhhh.Don't we all love Christian Louboutin's? I'm sure by now, we are tired of seeing those celebrities flaunt their various collection of Loubotins everywhere they go. Well don't get jealous just yet. A lot of stores are now copying Christian Louboutin's precious designs and some have even gone as far as copying his red sole which is the most unique feature of his shoes. I have spotted a lot of Christian Louboutin look for less and i will be blogging about them soon enough.
Todays look for less is for the Christian Loubotin Circus Cutout Bootie. It retails for $1295 at Bergdof Goodman. The look for less was spotted at one of my favorite online stores; can we get a drumroll for Akira. The only difference between the Akira version and the Louboutin version is that Akira's is patent as oppsoed to Louboutins suede. They retail for $109.Get it here.

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