Friday, November 13, 2009

Product Review

Hey guys. Some of you might have noticed I stopped blogging and that's cos i dint think a lot of people read my blog. I ran into a friend today and she actally told me she does and some of her friends do and so well i decided to keep blogging.
Today, I am going to do a quick product review on MAC's volcanic ash exfoliator. This product is absolutely fabulous. MAC actually came out with it last year as part of their limited edition collection. A lot of people loved this product and it was completely sold out everywhere. Then earlier this year, MAC came out with the volcanic ash again and this time, it was released as a regualr product and not a limited edition. I really do not know where to start from with this product. I have acne prone skin and since i got rid of my St Ives exfoliator for MAC's volcanic ash, my skin has never looked better. It makes your skin tighter, gets rid of blackheads and whiteheads and leaves your skin feeling sqeaky clean. Did i add that the ash used in this product is actually real ash gotten from a volcano?Yup it is.It costs about $20 and believe me you will not regret it. Definetely worth giving a shot.They also have a volcanic ash thermal mask, but I am yet to try it out.

1 comment:

  1. does it really work?
    i love make up from mac
    but when it comes to face cleansing products i am a big skeptic