Friday, November 13, 2009

Balmain Inspired Jacket

I was browsing through a blog sometime in october and someone had blogged about this designer that makes inspired by pieces. I went to her store(she has the store on ) and i saw that she was selling a Balmain inspired jacket. The cool fact abot her jacket is that it is handmade and she meticulously puts every bit together. Well i ordered from her(the jacket cost $100;shipping included). The only problem is that the jacket took a whole month to get to me and i was really mad at the seller but once i got it, i was impressed. She made a good replica of the balmian jacket and the shoulder pads on them were awesome.She made them pointy exactly like the pads on the Balmain Jacket. i totally love. I have not rocked them yet and i do not know when i will rock them, but one thing is for sure; when i rock them, i'll def look fly as hell. Here is a picture of the Real Balmian Jacket(1st picture) and also a picture of the jacket i bought(2nd picture-picture gotten from the seller's store as i have not yet worn mine).
P.S the jacket i bought (the 2nd picture) is an inspired by piece and is not supposed to look 100% like the original version.

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